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Class of 2023 Information



Important Dates
Senior Yearbook Photo & Quote
Senior Dedication Ad


Three Steps For Graduation
  1. Meet Academic Graduation Requirements
  2. Resolve All School Obligations
  3. Celebrate Your Accomplishments
After Graduation



Keep checking here for important dates as we work through the school year.

  • November 7 - 11 - Senior Week has ended.  Did you order your cap & gown?  If not the deadline has been extended for $20 off your order until December16th!  Click the following link:   Be sure to prepare for your Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony
  • December 12 - Submit senior portrait and quotes to Yearbook.
  • February 17 (extended from 2/3) - Senior Dedications for Yearbook submission deadline.
  • April 14 - Jostens Graduation Packet Distribution - during both lunches
  • May (Date TBA) - Senior Class Meeting
  • June 10 - Senior Prom - Seattle Aquarium (Ticket information TBA)
  • June 16 - Graduation Rehearsal - Mandatory (Time TBA)
  • June 16 - Graduation Ceremony - 6:30 pm (Ticket information TBA)



Senior Yearbook Photo & Quotes Deadline

Deadline passed:  Due by December 12.   *Seniors you must submit your senior portrait and quotes together please!**

Senior Portraits:

Seniors may choose to use a different portrait in the yearbook, instead of their ASB photo. 

The yearbook staff tries to ensure that all seniors are included, so you MUST submit a portrait no later than Monday, December 12, 2022!! If a student misses the deadline, their ASB photo will be used  instead. No exceptions! 

Here are a few guidelines to follow when trying to choose which portrait to  submit: 

  • - Headshots must be VERTICAL 
  • - Any background is fine, indoor or outdoor 
  • - Photos with inappropriate props, added social media filters, and black and white photos will NOT be accepted. 
  • - We require that your digital file is 8x10, 300 dpi and in jpeg format
  • - Photos that do not follow the Edmonds School District Dress code policy/procedure will not be accepted. 

Senior pictures should include the head, shoulders, and chest. Any background is fine.  Photos should be in color not black and white. We prefer photos that are not full body  because we won't be able to see your face easily. 

Senior Quotes: 

Leave your fellow Warriors a few words of wisdom at the end of the year with a Senior Quote.  Each senior is encouraged to submit a quote to be printed next to their portrait. Please be  aware that inappropriate quotes WILL NOT be featured in the book. Quotes must be fewer than 100 characters - that’s letters, spaces, and punctuation. 

**Seniors you must submit your senior portrait and quotes together please!**

Email your quote and senior photo to: 

*Quotes are subject to approval.


Senior Dedications Information 2022-2023 - Due by February 17th!

Senior year is an exciting and nerve racking time for both students and parents because one chapter of life is coming to end while the next is waiting around the corner. After four years of hard work, your student deserves to be recognized. The yearbook staff wants to make them a great senior dedication, but we need your help. 
What is a senior dedication?  
The yearbook staff creates a collage of pictures of the student (usually including some from their childhood) with a message from their family and is placed at the end of the yearbook. 
What are the different orders? 
The dedications come in many different sizes, each with a different price and a minimum amount of pictures and words needed to be sent in from the family.   
FULL PAGE= $125 with 10 - 15 pictures and 125 words
HALF PAGE= $75 with 6 - 9 pictures and 100 words
QUARTER PAGE=  $50 with 3 - 5 pictures and 75 words
Is there a deadline?  
Yes!  All must be sent in by the extended deadline of Friday, February 17, 2023

PLEASE send all materials (pictures and messages) in at once, but it does not have to be at the time of purchase. We can NOT accept anything past the deadline of  February 17th! 

NO EXCEPTIONS! The yearbook staff has very strict deadlines to meet, thank you for understanding!

How do I order?  Pay online OR by check, cash or credit card at the ASB Office (Checks made out to ESD).  

Please e­mail us at­ with:

  • - Your name and your student’s name  ­ 
  • - Size of dedication 
  • ­- The minimum amount of pictures required for the size ordered 
  • -  Message to the student  ­
Do you have tips for submitting pictures?  We love pictures!! Sending more than the minimum amount required is highly recommended (though we can not insure they’ll all be used if more than the maximum number are submitted) because it gives us the ability to make the most visually appealing senior dedication for your student. If there are photos you want us to prioritize over others, please let us know! Otherwise, we will decide which photos to use at our own discretion. When it comes to submitting pictures, we only accept digital files. 

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High School Credit Requirements

Edmonds School District and Washington State require 24 credits to graduate earn a high school diploma:
  • Art - 1.0 Credits
  • English - 4.0 Credits
  • Social Studies - 3.5 Credits
  • Math - 3.0 Credits
  • Science - 3.0 Credits
  • Health - 0.5 Credits
  • Fitness (PE) - 1.5 Credits
  • Career & Technical Education - 1.5 Credits
  • Personal Finance - 0.5 Credits
  • General Electives - 5.5 Credits

Graduation Pathway Options (at EWHS)

Edmonds School District and Washington State require graduates to meet a Graduation Pathway options to show master in English and Math:
  • College in the High School or Running Start courses
  • Dual-credit exams: i.e. IB = 4+  
  • Dual-credit courses: i.e.: IB = Earn C+ minimum grade both semesters
  • State assessments: Smarter Balanced: ELA = 2548; Math = 2595 
  • Transition courses (1.0 credit total): Bridge to College courses 
  • ACT (ELA = 14; math = 16) or SAT (ELA = 410; math = 430)  
  • Career/Technical Education course sequence (2.0 or more credits in a specific sequence)
  • Military Career Interest - ASVAB Exam (AFQT Section)

High School and Beyond Plan (Naviance)

The High School and Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement for ALL graduates.  This requirement cannot be waived.  Do not neglect this important requirement. 

  • Seniors check Naviance and complete all remaining tasks in your "Important To Do's and Tasks Lists"
  • The final task, the Senior Exit Survey, will be made available in the spring in Naviance. 

Need help?  Visit the Career Center or email Mrs. Christensen.

Edmonds School District Graduation Requirement Waivers

For eligible students, graduation requirement waivers are available.  Your school counselor will contact you if you need and are eligible for a waiver.  You do not need to contact your school counselor.
Each waiver option has specific eligibility requirements. Types of waivers:
  • Substitutions
  • ESD Credit Waivers - 2 Credits
  • WA Emergency Waivers - 2 Credits (Class of 2022 and 2023 only)


Return all Textbooks and Equipment

During times when school funding is a challenge, turning in items helps our school (and taxpayers) save money because we will not have to purchase replacement items.

Pay All Fees and Fines

Seniors must also pay all outstanding fines and fees.  Payments can be paid online at this link: 
Graduation ceremony tickets are held until all school obligations are resolved. 


In order to participate in commencement exercises with their classmates, students must have completed all credit requirements and satisfied all state testing requirements. (School Board Policy 2415)

Graduation Ceremony

Dates are yet to be determined for the Senior Breakfast and the Rehearsal.

Friday, June 16 - 6:30 pm:   Graduation Ceremony - Edmonds Stadium

Ticket information will be posted here after January.

Graduation Ceremony Professional Photographs

We are working to schedule a professional photographer for the graduation ceremony. Check back here in the spring for more information.

Graduation Ceremony Dress Code 

Our graduation is focused solely on celebrating this important milestone in the lives of our seniors.  The purpose of our graduation ceremony dress code is to allow celebration of individual achievement while not causing disruptions or distractions from the ceremony as a whole. 
During the ceremony, students must wear the traditional cap,  gown, tassel and medallion package purchased from Jostens.  Gowns will be zipped closed during the ceremony.
  • Students must wear school issued cords and stoles.
  • Native American students may wear tribal regalia and items of cultural significance, augmenting, adding to or replacing the EWHS traditional package. 
  • Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students may wear flower/leaf leis as an item of cultural significance. (Respecting this cultural significance, we ask that students who do not self-identify as Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander refrain from wearing leis.)
Students may wear personally supplied cords and stoles and may decorate caps and stoles within the following guidelines: 
  • Must be school appropriate. (see the 2022-23 EWHS Student Handbook.)
  • The cap, gown and stole must remain in the original shape.
  • Cap decorations must be flat on top of the mortarboard.
  • Personally supplied items and decorations  must fit within the following categories:
    • Thanking a family member, teacher, mentor or friend
    • Recognition of post-secondary plans
    • Recognition of high school achievements and activities
    • Items of cultural significance
    • Your graduation year
Students may NOT add personally supplied  items or decorations that: 
  • Replace school issued items
  • Change the original shape of the cap, gown, tassel or stole
  • Light up or hang from caps or stoles
  • Are disruptive to the ceremony or detrimental to the safety and welfare of other students
Please do not wear spiky shoes!  Graduates will be seated on the turf field.  Spiky shoes will tear our turf, causing costly repairs.  If students wear spiky shoes, we will ask that they change their shoes. 


Senior Prom is scheduled for Saturday, June 10th and will be held at the Seattle Aquarium.

Parent-Sponsored After-Graduation Celebration**

**This event is a non-school event!
All seniors are encouraged to join the 2023 graduation celebration.   The overnight party will take place right after the graduation ceremony.  Graduates will leave from EW to a surprise location.  Graduates must purchase a ticket ahead of time to attend the party.  Tickets will go on sale in March.  Remember the more money we raise in fundraisers, the cheaper the tickets will be.  Please visit the parent graduation committee website to donate and find out how you can support the 2023 graduation celebration.

after graduation - OTHER INFORMATION

Google Drive Export

As you prepare to graduate from high school, you should be aware that all the data in your school Google account (Google Drive, Gmail, Blogs, Sites, etc.) will be archived in September, and you will no longer be able to access it.  Please read these Google Drive Export instructions to complete this task.

Final Transcripts/Diploma Certificates

Final Transcripts

When a student meets all graduation requirements and applicable requirement waivers are processed, we will be able to issue final transcripts that students may use to verify they have graduated from high school.  Final transcripts will be ready on the following schedule:
  • End of June - Student who have met all graduation requirements or have approved credit waivers by the last day of school on June 26, 2023. 
  • August - Students who are taking summer school classes.
To have a final transcript electronically sent to a college, students must complete the Senior Exit Survey.
You can visit the Edmonds School District Transcript/Diploma website for instructions about how to obtain transcripts after June 30 if you are not enrolled in summer school.

Diploma Certificates

Each year, we have graduates surprised that the diploma cover handed to them at graduation does not include their diploma certificate.  The official diploma certificates will be ready for pick up in late August from Edmonds-Woodway High School.

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