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Punctual attendance is the first requirement for success both at EWHS and in the “real” world. A large part of learning takes place during class discussions and participation. Students are expected to be in:
  • Their classroom seat and prepared to begin working when the bell rings.
  • School every day. Student participation is key to many instructional methods—when students are absent they miss out on that learning. 

If a student has excessive absences, a BECCA petition may be filed. 

Absence Reporting Process

Enter an Absence through Skyward Family Access:

Need an Early Release?
Have your student bring a parent/guardian note to the Attendance Office before school starts.
If you forget to send a note, call the Attendance Office at 425-431-6175 to request an Early Release for your student.  Please DO NOT leave voice or email messages requesting an Early Release. Students are required to sign out in the attendance office before leaving campus. Leaving campus without permission and while school is in session is considered an unexcused absence

Pre-arranged Absence form
Students must submit the required absent documentation to the Attendance Office five (5) days prior to absence.  Forms are available in the Main Office at the attendance station.  Downloadable form coming soon (Click here for Extended Absence Form).


Students, in cooperation with their parents, have the responsibility for establishing and maintaining prompt and regular attendance as prescribed in
the Compulsory Attendance Law of the State of Washington (28A-225-010). Students are expected to be in school and in class daily. Punctual
attendance is the first requirement for success both here and upon graduation. A large part of learning takes place during class discussions and
participation. Many instructional methods are used that require student participation and if students are absent, they will miss out on learning and
experiences that enhance their intellectual growth.

● A student is considered absent if they arrive 10 minutes past the start of class.
● Students with unexcused absences may not be given opportunities to make up work, nor extensions on assignment due dates. Therefore,
consequences will be directly reflected in the assessment/grades on missed or late assignments. Teachers may make accommodations, as
they believe best for a student in a particular case, based on the learning goals for that course and student.
● Teachers will offer a student with excused absences additional time (one day for each day excused) to complete the work and/or alternative
work to meet the learning goals. An absence does not excuse students from completing their work. Ultimately, it is the student’s
responsibility to follow up with the teacher after an excused absence. (RCW 28A.600.030)
● In order to receive “excused” status for an absence, a written note or or Skyward Attendance entry must be received from the student’s parent/guardian
 within two (2) school days following the student’s return to school (NOTE – Individuals listed as emergency contacts are not allowed to excuse a student). 
● Students (not school personnel) are responsible for providing timely information in regards to absences for which an excused status is
● The school has the right to deny excuses for patterns of absences (even with parent notes) perceived as excessive and inhibiting a students’
access to their academics. At such times, the school may request that a written doctor’s note/statement be submitted to the school
explaining the condition\diagnosis preventing the student from attending school and the anticipated date of return to school before excusing
further absences.
● Students with more than 20 consecutive absences will have their classes dropped and will need to build a new schedule from available classes before returning to school.
● Excessive unexcused absences will trigger the BECCA process.

Acceptable Excuses

Absences/tardies may be excused for the following reasons: (school-sponsored activities are not considered absences):
● Personal illness or injury: In cases of extended illness or injury, a doctor’s confirmation may be required.
● Medical/dental appointments. (Families should make every effort to schedule appointments outside of school hours.)
● Absence resulting from participation in activities related to recognized religious holidays.
● Other absences or tardies for reasons deemed appropriate by the principal or designee.

Extenuating Circumstances

On occasion, extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control may cause him/her to be absent from school for an extended period of time. At
these times it is important for the student and parents to work closely with administrators and/or counselors. Each situation will be handled on an
individual basis.

Prearranged Absences

Absences should be pre-arranged by written request when parents have advance knowledge of impending absences.
● The necessary form for a prearranged absence can be obtained from the Attendance desk in the Main Office.
● The criteria listed above will determine whether the absence/tardy will be excused.

Procedure for Homework:  When absent due to illness, our main concern is that our students regain their health. Students are encouraged to check Skyward, teacher webpages and/or email individual teachers directly for homework assignments.  Upon returning to school, students are responsible for checking in with teachers in order to make up outstanding assignments.


Students are expected to be in their classroom seat and prepared to begin working when the bell rings at the beginning of each class period. Tardies
interfere with the teaching and learning of all students by disrupting the classroom environment. Teachers will maintain records of student tardiness
in Skyward. After 5 unexcused tardies in a semester, the ISS Supervisor may assign detention. Subsequent tardies in any class may result in
additional detentions. Failure to complete the detention may result in additional consequences. Progressive discipline will be implemented by the
ISS Supervisor, Student Behavior Coordinator, and/or an Administrator for habitual tardiness.


Truancy, or any instance in which a student is absent from any class without either parent, teacher, or administrative permission, will be handled as a
disciplinary matter.


Consistent with RCW 28A.225.030, all students will attend and be punctual at regularly scheduled classes unless officially excused. The “BECCA
Law” also requires the District to:
1. Schedule a conference with parents after the second unexcused absence/truancy in one month.
2. After the 5th unexcused absence/truancy in a month, enter into an agreement with a student and parent that establishes school attendance
requirements. The School District shall file a petition after the 7th absence/truancy in a month or the 10th unexcused absence/truancy in a year).
3. Report to the court additional absences that occur after an order to abate truancy has been entered by the courts.

Family Trips

We ask that any trips be planned outside of school time. If a family trip must occur during school time, the following should be closely adhered to:
1. A student must bring a written request to the Attendance desk (Main Office) at least ten (10) or more days prior to the absence.
2. At least five (5) days prior to the absence, the student must return the pre-arranged absence form signed by all his/her teachers to
Attendance for administrator approval.
Excusal of pre-arranged absences is up to the discretion of the principal and may be denied if the absence places the student in danger of failing one
or more courses.