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Social/ Emotional Learning

The EWHS school counseling program helps students learn to manage their emotions and learn and apply interpersonal skills, so they can be empowered to achieve educational excellence while demonstrating integrity and compassion through responsible citizenship.

Mental Health Resources 
  • We provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) services to students at EWHS: Research clearly demonstrates the link between improved social-emotional skills and improved academic and behavioral outcomes. The school counseling team at EWHS strives to provide developmentally appropriate interventions and supports that are also highly researched and evidence-based. 
  • SEL for Parents about their young adults/teens: The counseling department will make themselves available for parent and student presentations throughout the school year, with helpful information on how to navigate through the sometimes turbulent teenage years. 
  • Therapy and support groups for mental health struggles in school: In addition to a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals, the school counselors also provide individual short-term and ongoing group counseling. Including groups that deal with recovering from childhood trauma (CBITS) and emotional regulation issues (DBT). 
  • Signs of Suicide social emotional curriculum and mental health screening: Post-pandemic, the rates of student anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are creating a crisis for many students in many schools. A vital role that we fulfill, is that we screen our students for social-emotional needs, especially for those struggling with mood disorders (depression) and suicidal ideations. 
  • Connection to in-school and community based mental health therapists: The counseling team maintains several resources for student and family counseling needs. This includes both outstanding community providers, as well as in-school clinical therapists to provide on-site individual counseling. We have referrals available regardless of income, insurance and other factors. 
  • Intervention for student’s interpersonal issues in school: Students have a vital need to establish healthy relationships to help them develop into healthy adults. Navigating this can be challenging and our counseling department is available to provide assistance to students struggling with social skills and friendship problems. 
  • Provide leadership for an MTSS intervention program: Schools that have a robust multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) structure, have a demonstrably more effective program for screening students with academic and personal issues, and to help make sure that no student slips through the cracks. The counseling team at EWHS leads the way in developing evidence-based practices to coordinate this important school resource. 
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