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Schedule Change Policy and Procedures; Drop Polic

Please know that counselors have made every effort to get your schedule as requested through the registration and master scheduling process. Students choose courses last spring for the following school year through the pre-registration process. The courses students chose at that time are the basis for the current master schedule. 

Once a computer-generated schedule is created, schedules will only be corrected under the following conditions:
  • Graduation deficiency—must repeat a requirement
  • Seniors—graduation requirement omitted
  • Duplicate period—2 or more classes for one period
  • Teacher determines an incorrect course level or prerequisite not met
  • Incomplete schedule - need more classes to make a full schedule
We understand that students may change their minds about courses but unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to make preference changes at this time. If you do have an error as identified above in the five conditions, please come to the EW counseling Office and fill out a Schedule Correction form. We want to make sure you are in the correct classes and start your year off well!
Drop Policy:
After the fifth (5th) school day of a semester, classes may be dropped but no new classes may be added. Only Teacher Assistants may be added after this time. Classes may be dropped up to ten days into the semester without penalty. Classes dropped after the first 10 days of the semester will be reflected on the transcript with an "F" grade regardless of current grade. Students changing classes may be required to make up any missed assignments and attendance will transfer to the new class. 
IB students are required to meet with the IB Coordinator prior to submitting drop paperwork.