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  1. Do students have to take a foreign language?   No. Foreign Language is not a graduation requirement. However, if a student plans to attend a four-year college or university directly after high school, a minimum of two consecutive years of a foreign language is required. He/she may begin when a sophomore. If a student has taken a foreign language in middle school, it is a good idea to continue when beginning high school. The middle school foreign language teacher must sign the course selection form.

  2. What do we do if a student is placed in a math or science class and it is not working out? 
    Teachers will assess placement within the first weeks of the semester. If a student is inappropriately placed, counselors will adjust the placement based upon teacher recommendation.
  3. Must a student take Digital Communications? My student already excels in this area. 
    Incoming freshmen are required to take this class, regardless of middle school technology courses; one of the main Graduation Performance Tasks (GPT) takes place in Digital Communications. NOTE: Digital Communications is not only to learn computer skills. This is also the avenue in which freshmen career units are presented, five-year plans are discussed, and career pathways are explored.
  4. If a student is enrolled in Concert Band, must he/she also join Pep Band? 
    Yes. This is requirement of the class. Students must perform at 4 to 5 Friday evening football games as well as 5 basketball games. There is an optional retreat prior to school beginning in September. Pep Band is highly recommended for freshmen. Please refer to the band handout distributed to music students.
  5. May a student who has never played an instrument join Concert Band? 
    No, it is for students who have had a middle school band experience.
  6. What classes do IEP students take? 
    Classes are determined by their IEP's. Therefore, E-W counselors will work closely with both the middle school counselors and/or special education teachers to insure accurate placement.
  7. What is the summer packet that must be done for IB students? 
    There is no summer packet for incoming IB freshman.  Please refer to the IB section of the website for additional information.
  8. If a student is in IB classes and changes his/her mind, wanting to change back to regular classes, how does one go about doing this? 
    The student needs to meet with his/her counselor. The counselor will then consult with the student's teacher, parent, and IB coordinator. If the decision is made to drop an IB class, signatures of approval from each of these people are required prior to adjusting the student's schedule. However, if the student does not live within the Edmonds-Woodway service area then he/she is required to maintain 4 IB courses. If he/she has less than 4 IB courses (due to this schedule change), he/ she will be referred back to his/her home school. 

    Changing from an IB class into a regular class is dependent upon space availability. Additionally, we encourage these changes to be made at the beginning of each semester, if at all.
  9. If a student is in a regular class and wants to change into an IB class, what should be done? 
    The student should contact his/her counselor who will then confer with the classroom teacher as well as with parents. If appropriate, a schedule change may be made although it is dependent upon space availability.
  10. Who should be contacted if students/parents have questions? 
    Parents may contact E-W counselors via e-mail or by calling the counseling secretary at 431-7915.