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Volunteer Service Information

Volunteer Service Information




EWHS and the Edmonds School District do not have a Volunteer Service requirement for graduation. However, students may choose to participate in  our Volunteering for School Credit program.


Keep track of your hours: Volunteer Time Log 


Students can receive .5 elective credit for completion of 90 hours of community service. Service hours can accrue throughout high school. Students can do this two times:  a total of 180 hours for 1.0 credit. However, Students must receive pre-approval for community service activities. Hours only count if they are completed with a non-profit or charity, school or church. Volunteer hours completed for your neighbor or for a local business do NOT count. Please see Mrs. Lipscomb in the Career Center for pre-approval, and a volunteer instruction packet. If it is summer,please email Mrs. Lipscomb with the place you plan to volunteer and your supervisor's name and contact information for pre-approval.  Volunteer Service Credit Packet 201819.pdf  The 201819 packet is still valid for the 2020-21 school year. The form has not changed.


FAQ's- Volunteering for School Credit:

Q: Why should I volunteer?

A: Volunteering is an important part of being a great citizen in your community, both at EWHS and in the Edmonds and the greater global community. Volunteer service is also becoming increasingly important in the college admissions process, where admissions officers now review applications holistically and want to see that there are indications that students will continue to make positive contributions, this time on the college campus community. Volunteering is also a great way to develop references for job applications. And volunteering can help you explore careers of interest!


Q: Do I have to get approval from the Career Center to volunteer even if I don't need credit? 

A: No! The Volunteer program at EWHS is no longer required for graduation, but it is encouraged because volunteer service is very valuable for students and is a great learning experience. Students can volunteer on their own without school involvement. However, for students who would like to earn credit for their volunteer work that they can use towards the completion of their high school graduation credit requirements, they must follow the procedure for pre-approval and submit the appropriate paperwork found in the Career Center or on the above link.


Q: What types of organizations will be "approved" volunteer sites?

A: Generally, an approved volunteer site is a non-profit organization. Schools and churches are non-profit organizations. Volunteering at a store or for a family member or friend is NOT considered volunteer work for the EWHS recognition program. Organizations must be registered non-profits or charities to receive approval.


Q: Can I complete 90 hours of service by volunteering with more than one organization?

A: Absolutely! Just make sure to complete the volunteer paperwork for each organization for which you volunteer.


Q:  Is there a certain time frame in which I have to complete my 90 hours?

A: No, if you volunteer for the SAME organization the entire time, you can continue to work on your hours throughout your high school career. But if you complete your volunteer service at a certain location, you should complete all the paperwork for that particular volunteer experience and turn it in within 30 days of completing your hours with that organization.


Q: Where can I get ideas about where I can do volunteer work locally?

A: In the Career Center!!! or on the United Way website  Snohomish County Volunteer Opportunities