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Naviance Student

Students DO NOT use a password to access Naviance. Use the Single Sign On button instead

Our school district uses Naviance as the Washington State required High School & Beyond Planning task-completion platform, and as part of the college application process for senior students. Seniors must request transcripts, Teacher Letters of Recommendation, and link their Common Application to Naviance, in order for EWHS to submit these documents on behalf of the student. But all students should take advantage of Naviance's many future planning activities and tools.  Features such as a resume creator tool to log the events and experiences a student will need for job placement and college applications. Multiple tools to research and learn about thousands of colleges and universities. A Colleges I'm Thinking About List which students will use to develop the final list of colleges they will apply to at the beginning of their senior year.  They will then share this list with EWHS counselors and support staff in order to submit their required high school documents. There are numerous activities to help students explore their personal strengths and interests and to investigate potential careers, colleges and job training opportunities.  If you are an EWHS student and not actively utilizing Naviance, it is important for you to speak with Mrs. Christensen in the Career Center. 


Naviance Student: A Web-Based Career and College Planning System for Students

Students in grades 7-12 are provided access to Naviance Student. A web-based Career and College Planning system, it provides a unique individualized experience for your student to engage in early career and college readiness activities. We are very pleased that this system was identified, supported by the School Board, and purchased as part of our District’s Strategic Direction – Graduates Ready for Life. 

Using this system, students learn more about their strengths and interests, define academic and educational goals, explore career and college opportunities, and develop a plan for High School and Beyond with the assistance of their Guidance Counselor, their College & Career Specialist, and others. Providing this tool will help students in middle and high school make better-informed decisions about their education while empowering them to develop and pursue educational plans aligned to their individual college and career goals.

We take pride in supporting our students with their journey in developing their academic and social potential. We encourage you to explore Naviance Student with your child.

If you have any questions about Naviance Student, contact Mrs. Christensen

Students will be required to complete a series of short, personality and career exploration tasks within Naviance each year. Students are given time during their Advisory period but may need to complete them on their own if additional time is needed. Naviance also provides other discovery tools for students to complete at their leisure.
Completion of all required High School and Beyond Plan tasks is a Graduation Requirement.
Additionally, students who complete all assigned High School & Beyond Planning tasks in the grade they were assigned will earn .125 Elective Credit per year.

These are the High School & Beyond Plan Naviance tasks assigned to students each school year:
Grade 9 - Strengths Explorer Assessment & Career Exploration, Course Planning Survey, set a SMART goal
Grade 10 - Career Interest Profiler Assessment & Career Exploration, Course Planning Survey, set a SMART goal
Grade 11 - AchieveWorks Personality Survey, Upload Resume, Financial Aid information, Course Planning Survey 
Grade 12 - Meet with their counselor, Exit Survey (May), complete any unfinished tasks from previous years

EWHS students utilize Naviance to engage with a variety of personal inventory, career and college research tools.  Through various assessments and research tools, students are encouraged to reflect on their interests and strengths, explore potential career paths, and research college and post-secondary educational opportunities. The goal is to guide students toward making informed decisions throughout their high school career, so during their senior year, they are prepared to apply for post-high school opportunities. such as college, university, job training programs, skilled trades apprenticeships,  or military.

To find a  list of local and regional scholarship application opportunities in Naviance, go to the Colleges tab.  In the Scholarships & Money Column, click Scholarship Search.  Each scholarship listing includes a link to the application or portal.  If an application is outdated, you may still submit it.  Many organizations recycle their application each year without updating it.

All college application school-provided documentation, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and Common Application required support materials are requested by the student using Naviance.  The documents are then sent directly to requesting colleges and universities electronically.  Naviance is the exclusive method for management and tracking of all college application high school documentation at EWHS.