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Learning Support

Welcome to the Learning Support Department!

As teachers in the Learning Support Department, we are committed to providing an equitable student centered program and services to promote an inclusive school community where our students can thrive and grow to their full potential.
We strive to meet the individual educational needs of students who are special education eligible and have IEP’s (Individual Educational Plans). We provide leveled English and Math classes as well as Academic Lab classes where we provide instruction in organizational skills, learning strategies, social skills and emotional regulation.
We work together in teams that include students, parents, para educators, counselors, behavior specialists, psychologists, speech clinicians, occupational and physical therapists to develop individual educational plans for each of our students to empower them to overcome their skill area deficits and pursue a wide variety of post-secondary goals.

By building authentic connections with students and families, we allow students to develop a voice, be more self aware, and become productive members in society.


Department Teachers


David Whalen

Brenda Moore

Teresa Polendo

Monica Mayes

Olivia Bianco

Janel Thompson