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Family/Consumer Science

Welcome to the Family & Consumer Science Department!

Family and Consumer Science strives to promote healthy lifestyles,  strong relationships and families through knowledge of research and use of best practices.  Our goal is to enable students to:

  • develop skills to establish healthy life choices
  • be work and career ready
  • build supportive relationships and resilient families
  • make meaningful contributions to our communities


Chef School 1 - Teaches the basic skills necessary to succeed in the kitchen (correct measuring, food safety, kitchen safety, equipment identification) - then moves to cooking topics:  eggs, quick breads, restaurant style cooking, gingerbread, soups, meal planning, and spices are covered.

Chef School 2 - A brief review of the core skills and then onto Biscotti, using fruits, yeast breads, pasta, sauces, pastry, international  cooking, 

Chef School 3 - This course focuses on serving food to others through catering type events.

Child Development - This course is an overview of human development starting at the prenatal stage through young adolescence.  It covers important theories on how children are impacted by their environment and how to work effectively with children.  

Family Health - This course covers how our body works and how the body is affected by healthy or unhealthy habits.  Teaching the importance of good health practices and the knowledge of how lifestyle choices impact one's health is the focus of this class. 

Family and Consumer Science classes prepare students for a successful, balanced life.  Lifelong wellness, career exploration, and relationships are at the core of our classes which promote healthy, strong individuals and families.


Department Teachers


Gwen Baugh

Cynthia Hansen

Sherri Webster

Robin Lindsay