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IB French

Discover the Elegance and Cultural Richness of the French Language: Embrace Language Proficiency and Cultural Connections

"La langue française est un trésor infini de mots, de nuances et d'émotions qui nous permet de mieux comprendre le monde et les autres."
-Marguerite Yourcenar 
"The French language is an infinite treasure of words, nuances, and emotions that allows us to better understand the world and others."

Embark on a remarkable linguistic and cultural journey with IB Language B: French. This course offers an immersive experience in the beauty and elegance of the French language, while fostering a deep appreciation for the diverse Francophone cultures around the world.

Course Options:

  • French Language B (ab initio)
  • French Language B (SL)
  • French Language B (HL)

Whether you are a beginner starting from scratch or an advanced learner seeking to refine your French skills, our Language B program provides the perfect pathway for your language proficiency. From ab initio, where no prior knowledge is required, to Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) courses, we cater to learners at all levels of experience and ambition.

Course Topics

  1. Language Acquisition and Development
    • Develop vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
    • Build fluency and accuracy from basic greetings and expressions to complex conversations and debates
    • Express yourself confidently in French
  2. Communication and Cultural Connections
    • Deepen understanding of Francophone cultures and foster cross-cultural connections
    • Explore the richness and diversity of French-speaking societies through authentic materials, including literature, films, music, and cultural artifacts
    • Gain insights into traditions, history, social issues, and artistic expressions
  3. Literature and Cultural Identity
    • Delve into renowned literary works
    • Analyze texts that reflect the cultural identity and heritage of French-speaking countries
    • Critically engage with various literary genres
    • Broaden your perspective, enhance your analytical skills, and develop a deeper appreciation for the power of literature as a reflection of societal values and human experiences
  4. Media and Global Perspectives
    • Explore current events, social media, and digital platforms in the Francophone world
    • Deepen understanding of contemporary issues, media literacy, and intercultural communication in a globalized context
  5. Exam Preparation and Review
    • Practice exam-style tasks
    • Refine language skills
    • Review key concepts and language structures
    • Strengthen language proficiency and cultural understanding for final assessment

Through IB Language B: French, you will embark on a transformative linguistic and cultural journey. Whether you choose ab initio, SL, or HL, you will gain valuable language skills, cultural insights, and a lifelong appreciation for the elegance and richness of the French language.

Parler français, c'est ouvrir une porte sur un monde riche, coloré et profondément artistique."

-Émile Zola

"To speak French is to open a door to a rich, colorful, and profoundly artistic world."