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Welcome to the English Department!

In English classes, students will learn the fine art of writing and speaking in order to be heard, and listening and reading with the possibility of being changed.  Students will become critical consumers of media of all types as active citizens of a democracy and a global society.

The EWHS English Department believes that all students deserve a rich, challenging, exciting curriculum and that each student brings unique talent and perspective to the classroom. We are 100% committed to the idea that all students can find success, inspiration, and challenge in our classes. 

Our courses help students make sense of everyday life; in our classes, we look at texts as anything humans create to make meaning. A stop sign. A Kendrick Lamar lyric. A Shakespearean sonnet. An ad for the iPhone. A Pulitzer Prize winning photo. A novel. A comedy skit. We talk, write and read about how people use language to persuade and explain, excite and engage, and, ultimately, elevate human thought and discourse.