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Welcome to the Drama Department!

The Drama Department at EWHS is a robust and diverse set of course study that allows students of all levels to experience the theatrical art form.  Taking courses in the Drama Department will not only allow students to discover how acting and the theatre work, but will also give students relevant skills that will help them not only in the rest of their classes but also for the rest of their lives.  Students will learn how to use their body, brain and voice in a new way and students will gain confidence working in front of their peers.  For students that truly love the art form, after Drama I they can take Drama II with an emphasis on scene work and auditioning skills. This will prepare students to audition for Play Production if they so desire.  Play Production is the team that produces the school plays here at EWHS, three a year in total, and they meet as both a class and an after school activity.  Drama II and Play Production can be taken as many times as a student desires.  Students work in an inviting and supportive environment and most grading is based on performance and effort. 

Department Staff


Bruce Mindt