Roanoke, Virginia
A New Home for the C2C Competition
Designed and Drafted by Spencer Tucker and Derry Betts
Third Year (2004-2005)

          This home was designed for the International C2C Design Competition. The objective of this project was to create a design proposal for a self-sustaining “Green Architecture” residence in Roanoke, Virginia. Derry and I wanted to create a house that utilized solar energy, natural light, and rain water.
          This house has an abundance of natural light that pours in from the sky-lights (solar tubes) and large number of windows throughout the house. The sky-lights that are used in this house minimize the amount of electricity being used, which can be stored for the night-time when needed. Some of the interior walls rise seven feet then stop and are continued to the ceiling with translucent paneling. There are also solar panels on three sides of the upper roof (the east, west, and south sides) and a solar cap on the upper roof’s peak. The solar power will be used as a source of heat as well as a source of electricity. Rain that is collected is recycled into useable water. The house collects the water on the east, west, and north sides of the upper roof and pipes run it to the filtering room on the second floor (mechanical room). It travels through several filtering and purifying stages, then into the holding tanks on the first and second floors. From there the water is pumped to the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the utility room.
          The house will be constructed using the “tilt-up” method, where the walls and framing will all be constructed off-site and then it will be transported to the site where it will be put together. This house is also designed to fit on any of the lots on the proposed lots of the development, making the plan very versatile.


West Elevation

East Elevation

South Elevation


North Elevation