Seafood Restaurant
Seattle, WA
A New Restaurant for the Seattle Waterfront
Designed and Drafted by Spencer Tucker
Third Year (2004-2005)

       This third year project asked for the design of a retail or commercial building and I chose to design a modern, seafood restaurant. I designed this restaurant to mainly focus on the panoramic views of the Puget Sound. I wanted to bring the great views into the dining experience by placing the dining area in a glass dome, as well as providing outside dining mere feet from the Sound. Enabling all to witness the picturesque sight, stadium seating was also established within the dome.
          The large windows and sky-lights that ornament the building are all circular. This was done to integrate the windows with the focal point of the restaurant; the glass dome. It also represents bubbles in water to reinforce the sea theme. The windows and dome all have an aqua tint to reflect the blue sky and the Puget Sound water. Sand and stucco finish the outside of the building, giving the restaurant a beach feel. On the grounds surrounding the restaurant, there are smooth, beach rocks that are cemented into the sidewalk, again connecting the building to its surrounding. Within the restaurant, there is a music stage, which at sunset, plays into a backdrop of the sun setting over the Puget Sound. A small bar sits above the main dining and music, and also has an unobstructed view of the Puget Sound.

South Elevation

North Elevation

West Elevation

East Elevation

Ariel View