Kahler Glen
Leavenworth, WA
A New Home for the Tucker Family
Designed and Drafted by Spencer Tucker
Second Year (2003-2004)

           This cabin was designed for my parent’s property at Kahler Glen Golf Course near Leavenworth. The objective of this second year project was to create a second home that would be economically affordable, as well as fit the needs of my family.
          The site of this home is on the tee box of the twelfth hole on the golf course, with views of the course and nearby mountains. The site sits on a steep slope, which was unknown, so I had the opportunity to take a trip to the site and survey the slope using civil engineering tools. The community in which this property belongs also put forth many covenants that I had to consider while designing. The covenants pertained to everything from minimum square footage, roof styles, and exterior finish materials.
          My parents wanted a home that had an “open” living style, with a lot of storage. To accomplish this I placed the kitchen opening into the dining room and the family room on the main floor. On the upper floor, I have a loft that looks down below to the kitchen and dining, creating spaces that feel larger than they are in square footage. I also provided this house with a lot of storage; there is a storage room in the loft, a pantry in the kitchen, a room in the basement that could be used as storage, and the area above the garage is used as storage. I chose exterior materials and finishes that compliment the natural surrounding and resemble the vernacular of the architectural elements of Leavenworth, Washington.

South Elevation

West Elevation

North Elevation

East Elevation

Ariel View